Spooky came roaring out of the gate with some serious attitude. Their website took some very unsubtle shots at other companies - Santa Cruz especially. They made East coast hardcore-style designs in hardtail and full suspension. The end came in a pretty ugly way too - I have a favorite saying from wrestling that fits nicely - Spooky founder Chris Cotroneo's mouth wrote cheques his ass could not cash. Literally... [edit] it would appear that spooky lives. with a really lame website that you've seen a hundred times before - you know; 'we sell bikes?! oh yeah, we sell bikes! sorry i forgot, i was too busy posting cool stuff i found that's so much cooler than the cool stuff that everyone else is posting.' looks like crazy-ass graphics unique to each frame is a priority though - that's alright.

Darkside - Spooky's XC bike. Very light, made from Easton Elite tubing, and definitely with an East Coast bias. Meaning it would make a great woods bike. Just the kind I like.

Metalhead - This is clearly not an XC racer; single chain ring, Z.1 Bomber, short stem, riser bar, and check that moto-style gusset on the headtube/downtube junction.

Metalhead - A pink Metalhead that seems to have been photographed in the same spot as this Brooklyn Machine Works TMX. [edit] link removed because it wouldn't have worked and i'm too lazy to link to that bike again. search for BMW bikes at the top of the screen if you really care about

Motorhead - How many DH bikes does one small Eastern company need? I guess when you think of using the name 'Motorhead' - you'd better use it. And using the Stratos MX-6 in this application is also a good idea.

Pit Boss - Spooky's Pit Boss, the aluminum version of their 'North Shore' design hardtail. Custom painted here, with weird color combinations. By the way, I don't think you should mention the North Shore around these guys - they'll probably flip out and start goin' off about the East Coast.


Henry said...

This is interesting, for me!! The two metalheads you have pictured have different rear drop-outs. The Pink one is horizontal where as the black one is not and the hanger is part of the frame. Is the black one defo a spooky and if it is, is it a really old one possibly?

80 said...

hard to say really - they're different model years perhaps? the seatstays are the same, and the head tube/down tube gusset looks the same too, so i'd think the black one is older, and the pink one is an evolutionary change to a through-axle rear end.

but, i don't remember them well enough to say for sure.