If you know anything about mountain bike racing, you know who John Tomac. America's second MTB superstar, one of only two people to win a XC and DH World Championship, and the guy every mountain biker wanted to be in 1993. Now he's teamed up with Manitou's former head man Doug Bradbury to build some pretty cool bikes.

165 - Tomac's latest ride, the 165 DH bike. Designed by Johnny T and Doug bradbury. So by rights, this bike should at least have an XVert Carbon on it. Doesn't that Boxxer look a little spindly?

204 Magnum - Jonnhy T's latest DH creation - the 204 Magnum. This one has a very tasty Stratos Super Star fork. TeamCow really likes Stratos forks.

00 Buckshot - Too bad this wasn't a slightly better picture, this one doesn't show the frame details at the seatstay/seatpost junction and at the BB area. I guess if you really wanted a Manitou HT, but didn't want to be stuck with an 1 1/4" heattube, this is what you should get.

78 Special - This looks like a beauty. Great fork and great brakes - looks very fast.

00 Buckshot - A super nice hardtail that's got the single speed treatment. Very nice bike...

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