Titus is another one of those cult companies - moderately popular, the people the own them swear by 'em, and they cost an arm and a leg. For some reason I can't put my finger on, I don't like them that much, but that's based entirely on looks.

HCR - Titus provides titanium frames for the shorter rider as well. Great fork...

Evolution - Who doesn't make a softail these days? You almost forget who invented them. Well I haven't anyway. [edit] it's moots!

QuasiMoto - Well you can't screw up a freeride bike right? Just get lots of travel, nobody really cares if it's heavy, or how it climbs, just so long as it carves turns going down. However, this bike just doesn't look right.

QuasiMoto - This is an outstandingly well set-up bike. Hope discs and a Hanebrink fork color-matched to the frame - looks great. But still a pretty strange frame.

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