Scott is another sports empire type company that got into the mountain bike game pretty early. They made goggles and probably skis and stuff like that. At the moment, they only sell bikes in Europe, but they ones they have there are pretty well-liked by the press here. [edit] scott has themselves into the north american market in a big way now. i don't see too many around town here, but what i've seen looks pretty good. although i don't know about an $11,000 hardtail...

Nevasport - This was one of the last bikes that Scott sold in the U.S. markeplace. I never understood why it had that pivot up by the headtube, but it looks like a nice bike.

Pro Racing - This is Scott's premier racing hardtail, made from carbon, it of course featured chainstays that offered some degree of flex, smoothing out the ride. Did it work? No idea. Looks good though.

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