Ross Shafer's Salsa was a contemporary of Keith Bontrager in Norther California. He held out longer than good old Keith, but now I think all Salsa makes is grips and V-brake boosters. They had some pretty cool looking frames back in the day though. [edit] salsa is now part of the qulity bicycle parts empire (i think) and they still make some very cool bikes. i find it surprising i don't have any pics of the classic salsa a la carte. i will attempt to recifiy that situation in the future.

El Kaboing - When FS was new, a lot of companies just stuck an AMP rear end on their front triangles, and then went over to the pub, satisfied with a hard day's work. I don't think this is an AMP rear end, but it's pretty much the same idea. A cute name, but not a really great bike I don't think.

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