Surly is a very cool Minneapolis-based company that makes singlespeeds. And nothing but. What are you lookin at? OK, I had to be Surly for a bit there - actually, they also make a cross bike and now, a huckin' bike. [edit] having worked at a shop that sold them, i now know the truth; surly is one of the best bike companies in the world. the bikes are simple, inexpensive, work incredibly well, and cover just about every bike need you can think of. and a couple you didn't think of; fixie MTB with 3 inch flame tread slicks = yes. snow bike with 3.7 inch balloon tires and two rear hubs = yes. off-road unicycle = yes. a modular cargo bike with a 400lb payload = hells yea! quit wasting your time and just go to surlyville now.

1 x 1 - There's not much you can say about singlespeeds is there? Nice chainguard..

CrossCheck - Firstly, as a Canadian, and a hockey fan, I love that name. But beoynd that, you've gotta be kidding me. As if CX isn't hard enough, you have take all the gears off... (although, look closely, and you'll see a derailleur hanger) I guess you're already carrying the bike most of the time anyway...

CrossCheck - The first Surly I've ever seen with a derailleur on it. Seems a little odd. Very nice bike though.

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