Yeti has had a long life in the world of mountain bikes. Their history includes; holding on to straight-gauge steel tubes longer than anybody else, the first box van at NORBA nationals, the first downhill-only race team, moving from California to Colorado, several ownership changes, and a bunch of other stuff I'm sure.

A.R.C. - I really liked this "second generation" Yeti that had Troy Lee pin-striping. Would have fit in nicely with the low-rider crowd.

A.R.C. - This looks like one of the first Advanced Racing Composites that Yeti made. It was apparently a big time fire-road bike. Or in other words - a downhill machine. Yeti's were always built more for open spaces than the woods.

A.R.C. - These used to be classic Yeti colors. But I guess it's black and yellow now... Anyway, cool bike.

AS3 - Yeti's second attempt at a fully suspended bike. Pretty nice design, though most people who consider themselves experts (bike magazine editors) feel that 'strut' bikes are out-dated. Excellent Troy Lee paint details on this frame.

Ultimate - This is the Yeti Ultimate, originally designed (in 1989 or so) with input from Zapata Espinoza, then of MBA magazine. The idea was to build the ultimate mountain bike, something that wasn't too heavy to race, but had some "all-mountain" characteristics - like tire clearance, and no chain suck. Another old bike I'd love to own.

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