Specialized pt. 3

FSR - I wouldn't normally post a pic this small, but this is special - a prototype FSR DH frame. You can see that Specialized made a pretty big change to the frame design before the FSR made it to production. Or was it that they just had to have a DH bike out there on the race circuit, and didn't have the M.A.X. backbone chassis sorted yet?

FSR - One of many lessons in building a DS bike you'll find on the BikeGide. Short stem, small frame, no seatpost, chain guide, beefy fork. It might make a decent downhill bike too, but it doesn't really have the right stuff for moderm DH courses.

FSR - This is one of Specialized's original FSRs from 1995 or so. Not a great bike by today's standards, and certainly not along the lines of a typical TeamCow ride (we prefer coil springs to air springs), but a nice bike nonetheless.

Stumpjumper - This old-skool steel beauty belongs to Dario of Italy. He upgraded only what really needed upgrading (the brakes), and kept it light and simple. Nice ride Dario!

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