Schwinn is the quint-essential American bike company. Most of the first mountain bikes were modified Schwinns. They've had an interesting corporate history - started in 1896, bankrupt in 1995, restarted by Scott in 1996, and now married to GT. Now they have a complete line of very nice aluminum bikes. [edit] and then they went bankrupt again... now schwinn is pretty much a canadian tire bike; heavy and awful. their website does have $5000 road bikes, but nothing over $1000 for mountain. i'd recommend the book no hands: the rise and fall of the schwinn bicycle company holy damn! $300?! i'll sell you mine...

Homegrown - A good, solid hardtail here; Manitou fork, XTR cranks and brakes. Nice color too.

Homegrown - A pretty nice fully suspended bike here, for a URT that is... I like the Syncros Revolution cranks, but those green Michelins just do not work.

Homegrown - This is one of the official race team bikes supposedly. It looks nice whatever it is.

Homegrown - I'm one bike away from having a pic of every type of Schwinn hardtail there could be. I've got the XC racer, the regular trail bike, and now the slalom bike. I only need the hardtail freerider to complete the set.

Homegrown - This looks like the perfect hardtail. Hydraulic discs, quality aluminum frame, great components, and I love that color. I don't have to tell you what's missing...

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