Specialized pt. 2

FSR XC - I'm not sure how much I like the yellow they used on this bike. And I'm not a big fan of the SID, but this still looks like a good bike. It looks fast.

FSR XC - This FSR XC looks just like the two below, but it's different. It's the M4 bike, which means it has the more exotic, manipulated M4 tubeset. Meaning it's lighter, and more expensive.

FSR - This is one of the nicest FSR's I've seen. Magura hydaulics, Marzocchi Z.1, and note the skull-and-crossbones valve caps. Very solid.

FSR Enduro - Specialized tried something interesting for 2000 - this is the XC front end, with an adjustable FSR rear end. It gets 3.8 or 4.6 inches of travel. Which means that it's got a little too much travel for the XC-weenies, and not quite enough travel for the freeriders. Which means that it's a pretty good all-round trail bike.

FSR DH - This is one of Shaun Palmer's DH team bikes. Can't you just feel the extreme vibes coming off this bike?

Let's talk about Palmer for a second shall we? Is he not the most overrated racer in history? How does a guy with one - one - World Cup victory get so much press? He is an amazing athlete - he literally got up off the couch to win a boarder-cross meet at the X-Games one year - but he is not an amazing DH racer. [edit] i can't believe i actually cared about this. it was more about slamming the 'media' than it was slamming palmer.

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