Steelman makes mostly cross bikes, but there's one beautiful mountain bike in the lineup. All I can say about Steelman is that former NORBA racer Don Myrah raced one when he was being too difficult for any other factory to pick him up. [edit] now did this story go? myrah was a hot in norba racing for a year or so, on a ritchey. then he signed a deal with campagnolo. this mean he had to ride a klein, yeti, or fat chance.. he wouldn't ride aluminum, and fat couldn't or wouldn't build a bike to his geometry specs, so he rode his old ritchey repainted with fat decals on it. but according to me, he rode a steelman with fat chance decals on it. so there you go. because i know you care.

Eurocross - I like this bike - Syncros, XTR, and V-brakes, which require special adapters to work with non-V road bike brake levers.

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