Santa Cruz pt. 3

Super 8 - Another serious DH machine. If you have a bike with Stratos forks, chances are very good I'll put it on this website. Stratos rules.

Heckler - I've looked at this bike long and hard, and I just can't figure it out. It's a very well spec-ed Heckler, with a great fork, and for some reason, the rider has some 5 inches of spacers - including what looks like a cut-off stem - under the stem. A 15 degree stem and a 2 inch riser bar would do the same thing...

Bullit - This is a really nice bike - double-crown Marzocchi, XT drivetrain, Thomson post. Nothing but quality here.

Roadster - Everybody makes a road bike nowadays, and Santa Cruz's is really nice. I love to pick up road bikes in the shop, they feel like toys compared to our mountain bikes.

Chameleon - This is Jack's bike - really well finished with Hope discs, Thompson post, RaceFace cranks and stem.

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