Trek pt. 2

8900 - A crappy Trek sitting in front of a Porsche Boxster? A yellow rim on the front, and a black one on the rear?? Specialized cranks??? A SID????? I'm laughing hard now...

Y-22 - Well this is just... It's so... Wrong? Dumb? Both?

Ysl-20 - Fox sticker = cool. That seems to be a theme amongst the joke bikes...

9000 - A crappy Trek sitting in front of a Porsche 911 turbo? This could be the worst suspension bike ever made. This particular example had two inches of travel, but no damping at all. I guess at times it was like riding a mechanical bull. Why does this person have a Porsche 911 turbo, and a Trek 9000?

DH - Wow - this bike is so ugly. I don't know what to say here - it looks like a triathalon bike modified for DH. And this guy probably thought those Fox stickers were sooo cool. That's not gonna save you here buddy.

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spencerc6 said...

I have and still ride my Trek 9000. Love hate relationship for sure. Mostly hate. I did, however, have the frame chromed about 12 years ago.