What can I say about Specialized that you don't already know? The Stumpjumper - the first mass-produced mountain bike. The FSR - a legendary full-suspension bike. And of course Ned Overend - a legendary mountain bike racer. There's a general attitude out there that Specialized's are not "cool", like say a Santa Cruz or an Intense, but that doesn't mean they're bad.

S-Works - The S-Works bikes are the top-of-the-line light-weight race bikes in Specialized's lineup. This one is fairly nice, with Kooka cranks and a Selle Italia Flite saddle. It needs a new fork though

S-Works - This is a special edition of the S-Works frame painted gold to commemorate Bart Brentjens winning the gold medal in Atlanta in 1996. Except for the fork (Bart had a Manitou) and the brakes (Bart used Maggies), this is the same bike he rode. [edit] maggies?! what the hell? did i become english for this post and feel the need to make up a cutesy short form name for everything? thank goodness i didn't continue to do this.

Stumpjumper - This is a kick-ass hardtail right here. I always liked the mango color Specialized had on this bike and that brand new Marzocchi Z.2 looks great on this frame.

Rockhopper - There's nothing particularly exciting about this little Rockhopper, but it's a nice bike, and I like to be complete.

P3 - The P3 is Specialized's dirt jumping/DS/Shore bike. Hugely overbuilt, and really heavy. Think of a BMX bike with 26 inch wheels and a derailleur.

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