Santa Cruz pt. 2

Superlight - This one is pretty different... Yellow Spox, SID-blue stem, cranks, headset, and rims. But for some reason, the SID, is black. Scratchin' my head...

Tazmon - The Tazmon is the ancestor to the Superlight. Check the swingarm. This one has a '00 Atom 80 - very nice. But why yellow cranks? [edit] the tazmon was a very interesting design. almost an anti-suspension suspension bike. it's hard to see, but the shock was attached to the frame in two spots, so it couldn't move at all, just compress (i believe there was a little swing link in the fork/swingarm mount to make this work). this made it a very stiff laterally - something that was rare back in the early days of suspension.

Tazmon - An almost all-old skool Tazmon - original XTR cranks, original Judy XC, crazy long stem, onZa pedals, and the exception - Avid Arch rival brakes.

Bullit - A beautiful, black, Bullit. Maybe the ultimate freeride bike, in this case with what might be the ultimate freeride fork, the beefy Stratos FR-4.

Bullit - TeamCow encountered some major hardware at the Canmore World Cup. Among them was this fantastic Santa Cruz Bullit - most notable for the fork; a Manitou Millennium (for 2001, called the Supernova). Jack took this pic, and I think the owner thought he was going to get into the picture too.

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