Schwinn pt. 3

KOM - This Schwinn dates back to when Ned Overend raced for them, which is a long time ago. It's got one of the original Rock Shox forks on it, maybe the only pic I have of that fork.

Hardtail - This is supposedly a carbon frame that was made only for Schwinn team racers. It's also a sad case of somebody choosing weight over decent fork performance. [edit] i think i was probably a little too critical of the old RS forks. This higher end Indy wasn't that bad, and I think you could put an englund total air cartridge in it.

S 30 - Schwinn went big on the URT thing. And more specifically, John Castellano's high pivot URT frames. Check out the Ibis Szazbo for another example. This one is extra spicy with it's carbon monocoque front section. Your basic URT bike has some characteristics that TeamCow doesn't like so much - like not working so great when you stand up. We need a bike that works all the time. All plush, all the time. That's TeamCow...

Rocket 88 - The Rocket 88 looks like a great idea on paper, but the bushings on the BB mounted lower pivot proved to be very difficult to line-up right. Luckily, Schwinn wised up and revised the design for '01.

4 Banger - This looks like a great trailbike - good brakes, great suspension action, good bike.

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