Trek pt. 3

ok, i don't know if this is the case for other people, but it's pretty obvious that i don't like trek. and i don't mean that other people don't like trek, but don't like any company for no real good reason. i imagine the bikes work well and are made well, but i've never seen one that i thought 'that looks good, i'd like to ride that bike.' i certainly have softened over the years - i'm riding a GT right now, and i have a trek 8700 carbon frame that i'm going to build as a singlespeed and sell - but still, i don't like trek. i'd buy a giant or even a specialized before i'd buy a trek.

DH - Custom Troy Lee stickers won't save this piece of crap. I think a cable operated Rock Shox disc on the front, and a hydraulic 8 inch Hayes on the rear, could be the worst brake set up I've ever seen.

VRX 400 - This has to be a joke right? Somebody that's really good at PhotoShop? This bike can't exsist in real life - it just can't. I refuse to believe it...

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