Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is an all-inclusive extreme activities company. Mountain bikes, snowboards, surfboards, skateboards, they've got it all. Oddly, I really didn't like them the first time I saw them, but now I think they're a very cool company - and that's not just because I have a Superlight - because their bikes are simple and they work really well.

Chameleon - There's nothing really exciting or outstanding about this Santa Cruz Chameleon, but it's still a really nice bike.

Chameleon - Here, finally, is what this bike is supposed to be all about. If you look closely at the dropouts on a chameleon, you'll notice they look really odd. This is so you can make it a singlespeed, or adjust the wheelbase for fine-tuning it as a DS bike. This is the first Chameleon I've ever seen that takes advantage of this feature. [edit] i love singlespeeds, and i spend a lot of time looking at forums and such, and i've very few chameleon SS bikes.

Heckler - Another excellent Santa Cruz. This time a Heckler. Check the matching Bomber stanchions and Manitou riser bar. I'd like to know why SC riders always get Hayes though. There are alternatives...

Heckler - This bike had better get HBO with all the wires on it. Seriously though - I feel kinda bad for people who bought those RockShox/AMP discs - I'm sure those hubs are not 6 bolt compatible, so you're kinda stuck with them...

Superlight - TeamCow found this Superlight in the Shimano tent at Canmore this past season. Pretty simple, except for those swank Shimano XT wheels.

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