Dave Turner has been involved in suspension bike design since 1990. He apparently helped Horst Leitner develop the "Horst Link", which now, in a somewhat bizarre twist, he must license from Specialized. His bikes have always impressed me, and they seem to impress everybody else in the mountain bike world too.

Burner - I think the Burner has now been replaced by the XCE. Given this bike is decked out with the finest in air shocks, it must be intended for some XC action.

Afterburner - The first true DH bike from Turner. Those are some pretty serious looking forks right there.

Stinger - A really crappy pic of a really awesome bike. That tells you alot about what I think of Turner that I'm willing to post this pic.

Turner - I'm not really sure what this bike is, though it does look a bit like the RFX. Anyway, it's ready for DH action with a chain guide, 8 inch front rotor, XVert Ti, and that huge head tube junction gusset.

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