Schwinn pt. 2

some more about schwinn; it's really unfortunate that they had dug themselves such a deep hole, because once they realized that mountain bikes were profitable, they made some really good ones. people still maintain that the homegrown hardtails were some of the best ever. and you better be strong willed and deep of pocket if you're trying to buy a 4 banger frame off ebay.

Paramount - This is an all old-skool, pre-bankruptcy, steel frame, Schwinn Paramount. The Paramounts used to be a separate entity from the rest of Schwinn, but I don't know what happened to them. [edit] i really like these old steel schwinn mtbs. they made some kinda crazy ones in the mid 90's with steel lugged frames (before this became cool again), euro suspension forks, and weird colors.

Paramount - I love those old-skool bike that haven't been upgraded - cantilever brakes, no suspenion, and the SunTour Microdrive group. SunTour invented compact chainrings by the way...

Paramount - The Paramount was a frame worthy of upgrading to modern standards. And this one is part of the way there, still needs to work on that 6 year old fork.

Paramount - Another one stuck in 1993. Manitou 2 forks, flat bars with bar ends, and 3D violet cranks. Cool bike.

Paramount - This Paramount has an artifact on it. The Scott Unishock. One of the first coil spring shocks on the market, it lacked any kind of proper damping. Damping in this fork consisted of a urethane sleeve that surrounded the spring. It was prone to popping out apparently.

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